Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb 2004

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 Update:    2005 Trek is now full.

Next year's 2005 trek up Kilimanjaro

Amani Orphanage

The last two trips up Mt Kilimanjaro supporting the KVEP (Kilimanjaro Village Education Project) have been so successful that next year's 2005 trip is supporting an additional cause. If you're interested, you could help build a new Children's Home, supporting the homeless children of "Moshi" (the largest population centre on the lower gentle southern slopes of Kilimanjaro). Please contact Guerba for more information on how to participate in the September 2005 fundraising event.

We had a short visit to the Amani Children's Home on our last day. The whole group thought that this orphanage seemed very deserving of any charity. It appears to be very well run by its Director, Valerie Johnson, but extremely short of money and vital supplies. This is the current Amani Home that will get replaced by a new home and property by next year's 2005 Kilimanjaro charity event. Currently between 50 and 60 young children call Amani "home" instead of the streets of Moshi. More information about Amani at:

or 2005 challenge.


Amani Children's Home...

A typically vulnerable homeless child. The plantains (like bananas) behind the child were a gift from us to the home. We later found out that this would be a rare treat for the children as the Home simply can't afford such a luxury.  

Again, a typical child in the protection of the home.

This is the Kitchen where an open flame cooks the meals for the 50 to 60 children.

Here is dinner being slowly prepared as a youngster looks on.

Director, Valerie Johnson, discusses the Home with our group. (More)

There were only a handful of children at the Home when we visited, as most of the children were away at school. This is the larger of two bedrooms at the Home.

Interestingly, this giant block of 9 Bunk beds (18 mattresses)  normally sleeps 2 children per mattress every night! At times, because Amani will not turn children away, there are 3 per mattress. Can you imagine 36 to 54 children sleeping in this one block of beds every night!