Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb 2004

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The Movies below offer a glimpse of the flavour of our trip. They are all short ". MOV" clips that should play automatically from your browser. Although they are of low resolution, the longest clip is 22.6 Mega-bytes and plays for 1 minute and 12 seconds, so it is a huge file! A high speed broadband internet connection is required. Files are not streamed and must fully load first in order to play.

Please turn your speakers "on" to enjoy the sounds.

Clips from the schools benefiting from the KVEP, Kilimanjaro Village Education Project
One of many songs sang to us as we toured the KVEP benefiting schools in the Marangu area. Note our group at front of class.


Curious faces of school children being photographed during the ringing of the class bell.


Class saying "Good Morning Sir" in group.


Quick pan of School Children singing to us.


Quick close-up walk through the School Children singing to us.


Entire school singing and dancing as we looked on. This particular sight will benefit from the new "Nursery" that our 2004 Kilimanjaro climb is paying for. Shows our group watching.

5.3Mb   (BEST -watch this if only one)

Walking on Kilimanjaro.
Walking the "Saddle" at about 15,000 feet towards Kibo Hut. Slow silent progress as the clouds blew past us.


Musical clips of the "Kilimanjaro Song". Quite catchy.
The "Kilimanjaro Song" sang solo by our chief guide "Joseph" to my father.


The "Kilimanjaro Song" sang by the entire group of our 25 guides and porters to us at our Summit Certificate Ceremony at the Marangu Hotel.

22.6Mb   (ENJOYABLE -if high speed connection)

Clips from our victory Certificate Ceremony.
My father "John" getting his Kilimanjaro Certificate hours after completing the walk.


My father "John" getting some well-humoured spontaneous chanting at the Certificate Ceremony. Being the eldest (65) in our group, he obtained the complimentary name of "Babu" from our group of porters.