Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb 2004

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 KVEP Charity

Here is the Nursery that you are supporting with your donations. The Nursery is very real and digging for the foundation has commenced already.

 Of the four schools that we visited in the area (that all benefit from KVEP), the Nursery that your donations are building is associated with the most remote. We travelled by foot across many twisting  paths on endless local short-cuts through the sparsely developed Marangu area upon the lower gentle slopes of Kilimanjaro. Here we found endless happy rural villagers engaging in their daily activities. Frankly, its nice that the local area can benefit in some way from the attention of its world famous mountain and the endless steams of relatively rich tourists that simply pass by.

Despite my collections being concluded, obviously, KVEP is always in need of further donations. If you are interested. Please see their details at The Kilimanjaro Village Education Project Official Website.

(Photo: Ms Katy Allen and Mr Dilly Mtui meeting our group for the first time at the Marangu Hotel.)

The Nursery that your donations are building:
Here is our group standing on the actual future site of the Nursery that your donations will build this year (2004). As you can see, the work has already started.
This is it. This is the Nursery that is being built by your donations. There will be two major rooms of sufficient size. The foundation will be strong enough to have 2 additional stories built on top of it, in the future when required.
This is me, Brian, contributing a few shovels of help to the great task ahead. The digging and construction is all done manually, which additionally assists local employment.
Using shovels and only several wheelbarrows, you can see that the Nursery Project is truly well underway. Again, this is the site for the Nursery.
Beside the Nursery site, is the associated school. Here, all the school children sang to us for quite a long time. It was quite an honour to receive such a ceremony on behalf of you, for your donations. You can hear the children singing (with high speed internet) through the Update/Movies link, above.
Here is another group photo at the school where the future Nursery will be built. We all received beautiful hand made flower necklaces and were sang to by the students.

Coincidentally, the first KVEP (2002) project's accomplishment is the taller building farthest behind. Again, like this years project, they were able to build an extra two stories on top for future use. The main floor is actually fully completed and assists the local community with essential computer skills.

The KVEP is a complete "Community Project", however your donations for this event go entirely to building the Nursery.

Images of people and schools benefiting from KVEP:
On our first full day in Marangu, we went for a walk to local schools helped by KVEP. Dilly showing the almost instantaneous damage to books by termites.
Here is the open flame kitchen for the school. Being instantaneously shown how to dig up termites that eat school books.
Teachers were quite interested to have us see their well behaved students. My father, John, and myself trying out the local desks.
My father, John, showing students their own image using a digital camera. During their recess, we became the watched.
Lots of little faces watching our every move. Some "cool" school boys watching us with great style.
The location of the new Nursery. (Most remote of the four schools we visited.)
One of the many paths to reach our Nursery site. The entire school greeted us with song.
The school put on a special "Thank you Lunch" and treated us like millionaires. Shovel by shovel, the Nursery is presently getting built.
The Primary School is in good condition. We caused quite a disruption to classes still in session.
At first many of the students would hide for the camera. Boys will be boys.
Some students were confident to have us take their photograph.  This is a close up of the KVEP 2002 project. The ground floor is in full use.
KVEP celebrates our Kilimanjaro victory with Thanks.
Katy enjoying our stories of victory. Note local beer "Kilimanjaro" While we were climbing, Katy brewed us some very local "Banana Beer".