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IMAGE: Space Shuttle STS-120

Not an airborne photograph, but special nevertheless...

The Space Shuttle [Shuttle] Discovery on mission STS-120 [STS120] launches for the International Space Station ISS [ISS] from NASA's  [NASA] pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center [KSC], Florida, USA. Visible in the collage are pre-dawn search lights on the Shuttle from Titusville (19.6km), pre-launch view (10.7km), climb out through a hole in the clouds, and Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) separation. Notice the change in rocket plume properties mid photo, that I shall investigate. Insignificant low level clouds blocked much of the launch from my vantage point on the causeway, looking north. Canon XTi, 18-200mm. (N28.5, W080.6 map). 23 Oct 2007 1538z. [800x600]

 Interestingly, after over 26 years of personal attempts to watch a shuttle launch, this is the first one that I ever saw! I recommend trying to watch one even though there are currently only eleven more ever scheduled [Next Launch Schedule]. You can often see the Shuttle or ISS overhead your home [Heavens-Above predictions]. Is it possible that the UK might be warming up politically to a future space program [BBC News]? There is a British group now who discuss our involvement [RAeS Space Group].

Photo: (c) 2007 Brian Whittaker (.com)  

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