Brian's "Picture of the Week"

IMAGE: Frozen Arctic Village

Surrounded by ice, is the still frozen village of Qikiqtarjuaq [link] on Broughton Island, just off the much larger Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada. While airborne from 36,000 you could appreciate the true isolation of the 500 people in this Arctic community, still many weeks from the first signs of Spring [weather now]. The long dark line (center-bottom) is the community’s Airport, with the village just below. The smooth flat white area that extends past the right of the village is actually frozen sea ice. In summer, migrating Greenland icebergs allow Qikiqtarjuaq [more] to be known as the “Iceberg capital of the world”. North Pangnirtung Fjord is seen extending from the center up to the right across the Cumberland Peninsula through Auyuittuq National Park [Park] towards Penny Ice Cap. Location: 67.5N, W064 [Map].  [Hotel]. Olympus C70z. 22 April 2007, 1834z. Close: [800x600]. Wide: [800x600].

Photo: (c) 2007 Brian Whittaker (.com)