Brian's "Picture of the Week"

IMAGE: Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds [More] are vividly visible as a turbulent rain shower unleashes to the northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. This particular storm caused a severe wind storm, locally called a "Haboob" wind, which dusted downtown Phoenix causing some damage. Airborne photo at 6 pm Local Time, Sunday 25 June 2006. [800x600]

Photo: (c) 2006 Brian Whittaker (.com)  

Newspaper: (cached) Dust storm creates havoc [Damage]

Brent Whiting
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 26, 2006 12:00 AM

"A heavy dust storm whipped through the Valley on Sunday, leaving downed trees and power outages in its wake.

In the East Valley, trees tumbled at several Gilbert sites, including the Power Ranch subdivision, police said.

There were also downed power poles in Queen Creek near the San Tan Mountains and power outages in Tempe, where police directed traffic at several intersections because of signal outages.

More dust could be whipped up today, the National Weather Service said.